My film is a teen drama called “To Play after Sleep” which focuses on Nicky Ross, a college student who wants to major in veterinarian and graphic design, however she now has to choose between the two degrees as she can no longer afford both.

“To Play after Sleep” is a story about Nicky Ross who is at a crossroads in her life where she must make a choice between which of college majors she wants as she is torn between what she loves to do, and what she feels responsible for. Nicky Ross is a young woman who is attending her 1st to 2nd year of college in the dorms. She is overworked with her choice to pursue a double major and is easily agitated. This leaves her more vulnerable to over react even to the smallest of things. However, she is not afraid to reach out to other for support, even though she doesn’t always make it clear that she wants help. Taking place in Alaska, she surrounds herself in her love for art and animals as she revisits her past where she confronts the realities of her first dog suffering from an incurable disease and how it impacts her decisions in the present. Now she must choose between the art degree she has wanted since childhood, and the veterinarian degree she feels responsible to achieve so others don’t have to share the same pain of losing their dog at an early age.

To see progress and more information, check out the Blog and search “To Play After Sleep” or click on one of the links below.

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